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❝ if you dig under my feet,

you will find things that you don't want to see. ❞

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Name:❝ Cʏʀᴜs Moɴᴛᴀɢᴜᴇ ❞

STATED NAME: Cyrus Montague
ACTUAL AGE: 250+ yr
SPECIES: Dragon (class: Europa, Pyrenean blackwing)
ALSO KNOWN AS: "The Blue Ridge Beast," "Terror of Shenandoah," "The Appalachian Dire Dragon"

STATUS: Unauthorized: subdue and capture on sight
NOTES: Capable of adopting a human disguise through magicks of illusion; believed to have attempted integration with human society; agents are strongly advised to approach with caution.

He tells me he's been in these mountains his entire life, and with my protection against his glamors, I am inclined to believe him. But how can this be?
— S. Byrne, 1956

* Forget the archival notes; how he got here matters less than making sure he's sent back where he belongs. Got it?
— L. Byrne

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